PARISH PCSOs could be forced to travel by bus if villagers don't stump up the cash for their car.

Manningtree, Mistley and Lawford parish councils have been asked to pay the upkeep costs for a car used by their two police community support officers.

In a police liaison meeting, Sgt Paul Gale suggested the councils paid for maintenance for the vehicle, which was purchased with help from local businesses and the Neighbourhood Action Panel in 2008, while petrol and insurance would be covered by the force.

Last year the approximate cost was £800, and it was mooted the councils give £1500 with the surplus either returned or carried over in the next period.

But the request for cash has been branded as "appalling" by some councillors who feel asking residents for more money after years of match-funding PCSOs is a step too far.

Councillors at Lawford and Manningtree agreed to look into the proposal before making a final decision.