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THOUSANDS of new homes are set to rise from the empty fields across Tendring in the next 17 years.

In total, a staggering 12,000 new homes are said to be needed to fill government requirements.

But while councillors are yet to officially agree where they will be built, early reports have outlined where the biggest developments could take place.

And with this has come concerns for how the district will cope.

Councillor Ivan Henderson, a member of Tendring Council's Local Plan Committee, has warned that serious consideration is needed on how towns will cope with the influx of new residents.

He said: “We should look at transport with new developments – trains and buses.

“Often these developments take place and people move into an area and there is not a bus stop or bus near them.

“There is also a big issue about lighting and I think we should request future development includes low level lighting or LED lights so they can at least have the lights on.

“But we have also got to provide affordable housing and have got to provide jobs.”

At a meeting last week the Local Plan Committee agreed to a new “vision” for the extra builds, allowing officers to take the plan forward.

Specific sites for the homes are now set to be identified.

But in the initial vision laid out in a special report Harwich was expected to have an economic resurgence by 2031 that will have taken place as a result of Bathside Bay starting and opportunities arising from the offshore energy sector.

Old Harwich is expected to offer new leisure activities associated with its maritime history and see significant public realm improvements to the quayside as reflected in the Harwich Quayside Development Brief.

The report said Dovercourt town centre will see a reinvigorated High Street with new shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants and the seafront will have enhanced seafront gardens and promenade to encourage more visitors throughout the year reflecting the aspirations set out in Dovercourt Rediscovered.