CAMPAIGNERS are jubilant after winning their fight for a controversial quayside to be given Village Green status.

Mistley Quay has been had the status rubber stamped by Essex County Council which could pave the way for a controversial fence to be taken down after a six-year battle with TWL Logistics.

An inspector had already ruled in their favour last November but the final decision had been delayed because of comments by both parties about a railway line which runs along the quay.

The quay operators put up the 2m-high fence six years ago which stretches for 50 metres along the riverfront denying people access to the River Stour.

TW Logistics claimed the barrier was needed for health and safety reasons.

Chairman of Free The Quay Simon Bullimore was elated and believes the battle has been worth it.

“The meeting went incredibly well and we are all absolutely delighted,” he said.

“It is six years since the fence went up and four years since we appealed for it to be given Village Green status.

“The next stage is to take the fence down and I am certain it is going to happen.

“There are several ways for us to go about getting the fence removed which we will explore and will decide in the next few weeks the best course of action.

“We had a good representation from Free The Quay at the hearing and frankly to get anyone to come and sit in a stuffy council chamber on a Friday morning is incredible."

TW Logistics declined to comment.