A MARKET town has bloomed overnight after volunteers injected overgrown flowerbeds and hanging baskets with a burst of colour.

Tendring councillor Keith Simons, the owner of Lawford garden centre Hearts Delight, donated the plants and labour time to spruce up Manningtree town centre.

He said: “My wife Mandy and I were disappointed with the way Manningtree’s town centre was looking.

“I got so fed up with seeing it, and after hearing of the new Manningtree Association for Commerce, Culture and Community, I got in touch and we decided to do something."

Mr Simons and his workforce spent a day weeding and planting various tubs in the town centre with about 300 bedding plants, including marigolds and fuschias.

He added: “We planted 25 barrels and did four hanging baskets and it looked transformed, it looks a bit brighter."

Planting has also been carried out at the town’s boat flower bed by mayor Lee Lay-Flurrie and town councillor Kerry King.