HISTORIANS were treated to a display of maps tracing Harwich’s developments over the centuries.

The Essex Record Office brought several maps, prints and photographs to the 1912 Centre in Cow Lane on Monday for Harwich on the Map.

A highlight of the exhibition was a large manorial map of Harwich, Dovercourt and Wrabness dating back to 1751 which has only recently been acquired by the record office.

Hannah Salisbury from the Essex Record Office said: “The centre for the exhibition was the large map which we know to be produced by Nathaniel Garland who owned much of the land in the area during this time.

“Combined with the service book he could work out what he owned and what was being rented.

“It would cost a significant amount of money to make so would have been a sign of status for him as well.

“The map was only donated to the record office in the last couple of years and we thought it would be nice to bring it to its hometown along with photos from the 1850s which visitors helped us identify."