A COUNCIL has vowed to take action against the author of a libellous letter pushed through letterboxes and posted on notice boards in Bradfield.

The computer-printed note claims to be from a Tendring Council employee and accuses both the district and Bradfield Parish Council of cover-ups and dishonesty, the details of which cannot be repeated for legal reasons.

Speaking at the latest parish meeting, clerk David Tucker said: “The councillors are getting criticised and I’m thoroughly sick of it.

“That letter posted on the notice board – if I find out who did it, I will go straight to the police.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said the authority had been made aware of the letter last month.

He said: “The matter was looked into, but as the letter is anonymous, it makes it very difficult to deal with.

“However, we would invite whoever did write the letter to come forward and discuss their concerns with us so they can be thoroughly investigated.”