A DISTRAUGHT bird lover whose beloved parrot has gone missing is worried she could be lost forever.

Bubbles, an African grey parrot, went missing last Friday at 10am from the Bathside area of Harwich when Jacqueline Jordan was loading the car to travel to Northampton and the bird burst through the cage.

“I am very worried she has gone for good because they do not usually do this,” said Mrs Jordan.

“It is worth all the efforts to keep on looking but I am not sure we will ever find her.

“Bubbles has specific dietary requirements because of problems with her stomach and has special drops in her water.

“If she does not take her medication then she will lose weight very quickly."

The birds are regarded as being highly intelligent and excellent companions but need serious commitment to look after for an extended period of time.

Anyone who spots Bubbles should call Mrs Jordan on 07944 451820 who is offering a £100 reward.