A police officer based in Tendring has been sacked by police for gross misconduct.

The officer, who has not been named by Essex Police, sought work with two outside companies while he was suspended from the force for unrelated matters.

He was found to have lied about his circumstances when applying for the jobs, failed to tell Essex Police about the jobs and asked another officer to act dishonestly.

The officer was also on a final written warning in relation to his behaviour at the time.

A panel led by Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason found the officer breached expected standards for honesty and integrity.

Mr Mason said: "The public of Essex demand their police officers behave and conduct themselves to the highest moral and professional standards.

"This officer breached the standards of professional behaviour set out in the schedule to the Police Regulations 2012.

"These breaches are considered so serious that there is no other possible proportionate outcome and his further employment by Essex Police is untenable.”