PLANS for a £45 million complex on the outskirts of Harwich have been altered after a consultation with residents.

Among the changes for the Harwich Valley development is a an increase in the number of proposed houses from 250 to 297, a reduction in the number of retail units from 12 to five and a reduction in size of the multiplex cinema after discussions with the Electric Palace.

A second drive-thru restaurant has been added, as well as an electrical substation on the site.

Plans for a large supermarket with a petrol station, rumoured to be Sainsbury’s, a hotel, pub and a number of restaurants and cafes remain the same.

It was also revealed a new road joining the development to nearby Stour Close would only be accessible by buses, emergency service vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians however there are no plans for a new school or hospital to cope with an increased population.

Gavin Stollar, of Harding Estates said: “We think we have come up with a development which includes places for people to live, people to work and people to play.

“We have also responded to what the local authority wants to be built and have listened to what the public told us at the consultation we held in the town.

“Developments have to be a certain size to require a new school and this would not be large enough."