TENDRING council’s housing boss believes new schemes or buyers building their own properties could be the way forward.

Paul Honeywood says the council are doing their best to help people fly the nest after it was revealed 4,800 – some 37 per cent - of Tendring workers aged 20 to 34 are still in the family home.

“As everyone is aware there is a need to build more properties and the council is looking to build more houses.

“Our regulations mean people working are automatically moved up a band when searching for council housing.

“This way we are helping to reward the people who contribute to the district’s prosperity.

“Another option is for people to look at building their own homes which can work out to be more affordable; however it does not seem to be something which happens widely.”

A pioneering scheme has been launched by the Lawford Housing Enterprise Trust, whereby as part of the new Lawford Park development, a percentage of tenant’s monthly payments will be set aside and returned to them at the end of their letting agreement.

Parish council chairman and Tendring councillor for the village Alan Coley said: “Tenants will be charged the local authority rent with a percentage held back in an investment account.

“Hopefully it will then enable them to move onto the next rung of their personal housing ladder."