A FUNDRAISING appeal has been launched to buy a lifechanging new wheelchair for a severely disabled teenager.

Callum Wombwell, of Temple Pattle in Brantham, has 3C syndrome – a rare condition which affects his heart and breathing - learning disabilities and can only walk short distances by holding onto furniture or other people’s hands.

The 16-year-old's favourite thing to do is go out with his pet black Labrador Fleur, but his current wheelchair can only go on flat, hard surfaces stopping him from being able to enjoy the fields and woods near his home To help charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children has launched a fundraising appeal to buy Callum a specialist three-wheeler buggy.

Newlife Foundation is now appealing for donations to help fund the specialist buggy, which is expected to cost £1,500.

To donate call Newlife on 0800 988 4640.