AN EYESORE building torn apart by fire and left untouched for more than two years could now be set for redevelopment.

A blaze tore through 20 Market Street in April 2012, gutting part of the inside and leaving residents fearing the safety of the site.

A year later furious residents held a party outside the building to mark the anniversary of the fire and call for urgent action.

To mark the second anniversary, in April this year, protestors held another party, which included a petition stall inviting residents to join the fight for action.

But now it was revealed meetings are ongoing to restore the derelict three-storey building.

An insurance claim has been settled and the owner is currently preparing plans for repair work.

A a spokesman for the site said that an architect and structural engineer have been appointed.

“There are a couple of issues to resolve but we hope to be sitting down with Tendring Council next month to hold pre-application discussions and find a way forward,” he said.