VITAL cash has been handed over to a struggling football in the same week it was targeted by petty thieves.

The break-in was the fourth Harwich and Parkeston Football has suffered in the last ten months.

In the latest attack the club’s tea hut doors were damaged after a match on Saturday but only a few cans of drink and packets of crisps were stolen.

Just days later club chairman Tony Armstrong accepted a cheque for £1,260, which had been raised by months of Sunday carboot sales.

Bev Heard and Zoe Harding-Double, launched a fight to save the club in June with the sales at the Royal Oak ground, raising more than £2,500.

The money has been split between the football club and the Essex Air Ambulance.

Mr Armstrong said: “The money they have raised will go towards the football club ensuring it can fulfil its obligations this season."