A WINDING rural road is being used as unsolicited racetrack by motorcyclists attending a weekly rally, it has been claimed.

Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford residents have complained about the “unacceptable” behaviour of the riders thought to be travelling to the Wednesday motorcycle meet at Great Bentley.

Riders have allegedly been using Clacton Road and Horsley Cross roundabout as a track.

It is also claimed they are racing along Manningtree and Mistley’s High Streets and Cox’s Hill in Lawford.

Councillors at Mistley Parish Council were assured at a meeting on Tuesday that an action plan was being developed by Essex Police to tackle the issue.

Alan Coley, district councillor for Mistley, said: “I’m hearing of unacceptable driver behaviour, wheelies on motorcycles and them using Clacton Road as a racetrack."

A spokesman for Essex Police said they were aware of the gathering in the Great Bentley area and said road traffic officers and casualty reduction officers attended the meets to give riders road safety advice.