ROAD bosses have been accused of failing residents after works to improve A120 blackspot junctions have still not been completed almost a year since the plans were announced.

The Highways Agency revealed the plans to introduce a 50mph speed limit and average speed cameras on the stretch of road last September.

The safety measures are a short-term solution while a project is put in place for a multi-million pound roundabout to be built on the road near the Hare Green, Pellens Corner and Park Road junctions.

Campaigner Fred Nicholls said: “I am very angry and very upset that the Highways Agency is failing the residents of Tendring and failing the road users who drive on the A120."

He added: “It is now coming up to the anniversary of the announcement of the scheme and it is not even half way completed. All we have to show for it are some posts.”

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “Preliminary work, including the installation of an electrical feeder pillar, sign posts and foundations has been completed.

“The final phase of work will begin in September and include the installation of ducting, safety barrier, construction of the foundations for the masts, as well as the installation of the masts, cameras and sign faces.”