AT this time of year parents are preparing to send their children back to school after a six week break.

But this could all change under the Deregulation Bill which could see holidays slashed.

Former Education Secretary Michael Gove supported changes in the belief pupils were being hindered by long holidays in July and August, which causes their performance to dip.

He argued the “19th century” system left British youngsters at a disadvantage compared with pupils in other countries.

The Deregulation Bill has already been approved by MPs and will be examined in the House of Lords when Parliament returns from summer recess next month.

Harwich and North Essex MP Bernard Jenkin (right) said: “This is about empowering leadership and giving the responsibility and accountability to headteachers for the performance of their school and not dictate to them that Whitehall knows best.

“Individual headteachers will have to consult pupils and parents and make a judgment that is right for their school.”