UP to seven more wartime grenades could be set to wash up on Dovercourt beach if fears there is a crate laying off the coast are correct.

Dovercourt beach near the leading lighthouses was closed for 48 hours for an intensive search of the area after five Second World War grenades were found.

Three were discovered in July and two more on August 15 and 16.

Fears there could be more off the coast, possibly from a crate, prompted urgent action from Tendring Council who drafted in a specialist search team to scour the shoreline.

Ian Taylor, the council's seafront manager, said no more ordnance were found on this occasion but promised further investigations would be carried out.

"There are 12 in a crate," he said.

"We have five so there could be seven more to go."

If you find a grenade police advice is not to touch or move it but call police immediately on 999.