A RESCUE mission that saved the lives of thousands of jewish children in the lead up to the Second World War will be commemorated with a special anniversary train.

The Kindertransport saw about 10,000 children, mostly jewish, brought to the UK from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Arriving in Harwich marked the point at which they were safe from the Nazi regime, which went on to kill six million jews over the course of the war.

To mark the anniversary of the end of the Kindertransport a special train will run from London to Harwich on Thursday,  September 4.

Passengers will be greeted with a civic reception at Parkeston Quay before being taken by double-decker bus to see historical sites in Harwich and Dovercourt including the site of the holiday camp many jewish children stayed in before going off to foster families.

A service of thanksgiving and remembrance will be held at St Nicholas Church, screenings of the BBC documentary Our World: Saving a Generation will be ogoing at the Electric Palace and tours of the town by the Harwich Society.

For more information email kt75train@gmail.com