ANGRY neighbours living next to a building site say their lives have been made “hell”.

Marguerite Kramer and Collin Rossini have contacted Tendring Council saying diesel fumes from the machinery has forced the pair out of their own garden in Main Road, Dovercourt.

Developers G and K Groundworks deny the accusations.

Mrs Kramer said she has hit a brick wall in trying to get anyone to respond to her complaints.

She said: “We just want the horrible machinery moved to the far side of the site.

“They have been cutting breeze blocks and operating machinery, the fumes are so bad that we can’t open our back door.

“I have just had a chest infection which I am not blaming on the site but with the fumes so close I feel it can’t help.

“The fumes are dreadful. It has made our life hell.”

Mrs Kramer said Tendring Council has failed to even acknowledge her complaint.

She said: “We contacted the council on February 24 with a witness statement, which they haven’t even bothered to acknowledge, regarding noise and diesel fumes from the site,” she said.

“I’ve phoned them twice early last week because of further fumes and noise with breeze block cutting which is noisy and the diesel fumes get into our house.

“They said they would get on officer to call back on two occasions but this never happened and a week has now passed.

“I have repeatedly asked the council to see that noisy machinery that produces fumes, such as concrete mixers and breeze block cutters, be moved away from residential boundaries as this is not in accordance with safe practice.”

The plans, approved in 2014, are for two blocks of 12 flats on land which formerly housed a health centre.

Glenn Smith, of developer G and K Groundworks, disputed the complaint.

He said: “This is a further complaint that is unjustified and unreasonable.

“We are following and will continue to follow the rules and legislation set down to us.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said an investigation into the issue is underway and declined to comment further.