A VIDEO blogger is giving holidaymakers a stark safety warning after falling 25ft off a road in Crete while riding a quadbike.

Alex Forman, of Arderne Close in Dovercourt, was on holiday with his family last week when the accident happened.

He was left with a broken arm and a head wound that needed three staples.

But Alex, an actor and comedian, said he was one of the lucky ones.

“There are three or four deaths a year and most are Brits,” the 24-year-old said.

“The roads are very dangerous - I want other people to be aware, especially young lads.

“Don’t hire out big engines and don’t go on small roads, it’s not worth it.

“If you get into trouble it can be awful.”

Alex, who only has a provisional driving licence, hired out a 310cc quadbike and went out for a ride with his stepbrother Jake Grayburn.

“My stepbrother was in front of me and I was trying to keep up,” Alex said.

“I came to a blind corner - you could see there was a turning but it was covered by the stone wall of the hillside.

“I sensed I wasn’t going to make the turn so I let the quadbike go, the bike went underneath me and I just fell off the top - it was a 25ft drop.

“If I had have stayed on the quad it could have been very bad, it could have crushed me.

“I’ve ridden quadbikes in the UK and earlier on the holiday we had hired smaller engine quads.

“But people don’t realise how hard these things are to ride.”

Alex was helped by passing tourists and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was given an xray.

He had broken his arm in two places.

“People might say I’m an idiot for doing it but you go on holiday to have fun.

“You can go out there and hire a vehicle with a provisional licence.

“It’s dangerous - it was an awful experience for me.”

Alex had hired the quadbike for 30 euros and paid 10 euros for insurance.

But his cover was only up to 500 euros and he was told the quadbike had been ruined in the crash.

“They told me the quadbike was totalled and wanted 1,000 euros,” he added.

He paid the extra fearing the repercussions but has now launched a personal campaign to warn people of the dangers of driving quadbikes abroad.

Alex will be using his Facebook blog, BigAlGentleGiant, to spread his message.