A COCAINE-fuelled rage caused a dad-of-four to threaten a man with a knife.

Colchester Magistrates Court heard police officers went to West Street, Harwich, following reports of a man waving a knife in the street.

Philip Pearson, prosecuting, said Jason Button had been seen standing at the first floor bay window holding a serrated kitchen knife.

He was not making any threats but officers said residents from the block of flats told them a ground floor window had been smashed with a brick.

Mr Pearson added: “A further witness said he saw the incident unfold and recorded it on his car’s dash camera. He described a man with a tracksuit walking past the vehicle with a knife, then saw the same man tucking the knife into his trousers.”

Mr Pearson also revealed what Button, 37, had disclosed to police during his interview which was he had had at least two lines of cocaine, had been awake for three days and felt ill.

Button admitted smashing the window after an argument with his girlfriend.

Mr Pearson said: “Mr Button told police, ‘Yes, I had a knife, I was angry, I just wanted to scare the guy’.”

The court heard in 2009, Button was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for possessing a knife.

Button, of Fernlea Road, Harwich, admitted possession of a knife and criminal damage. He was sentenced to six month in prison, suspended for 18 months for having the knife.

There was no separate penalty for criminal damage.

Ita Farrelly, mitigating, said: “He’d been using cocaine on a daily basis and was unfortunately under the influence heavily. It’s something he wants help with.

“He has four children and a long-term partner. She’s outside the court and willing to help him with that today.”

He was also ordered to pay £200 in costs.