ANTI-FENCE campaigners who are fearful of more damage to their beauty spot will hear of their fate at a planning meeting.

Tendring Council’s planning committee will decide whether to permanently activate a rarely used piece of legislation on Mistley Quay fence at its meeting on Tuesday, October 2.

A temporary Article 4 directive was activated on April 27 after the council heard rumours that quay owners Trent Wharfage wanted to install a bigger fence at the waters edge.

The planning rule means Trent Wharfage must apply for planning permission for any changes or maintenance to the current controversial fence.

Time is running out for Tendring Council to grant the permanent status, with the temporary Article 4 expiring on October 27.

Trent Wharfage stalled a previous attempt by the council on September 4 with a last minute legal intervention by providing last minute legal documents before the previous attempt on September 4.

If the Article 4 is granted permanently it will be a step forward for anti-fence campaigners in their bid to remove the fence.