IDEAS are being called for to help save a historic church from closure and possible demolition.

Tony Colbourne, Tendring councillor for Ramsey and Parkeston, is hoping someone will come forward with a plan to either keep St Paul’s Church open or find an alternative use for the building.

It is a year since it was announced that the Makins Road church would have to close due to an estimated £200,000 roof repair bill.

Vandalism and lead theft left the 99-year-old building in a poor state of repair, which the church committee cannot afford to fix.

The diocese is currently in consultation about closing it down as a place of worship.

Mr Colbourne said: “It’s a beautiful church inside and it’s full of history.

“It would be such a pity to lose it.”

“It would be good if people could come up with ideas for how to use it.

“I am hoping someone will come forward to help.”