HARWICH is in the top ten list of towns in Britain where property prices have risen over the past three months.

Property website Zoopla said a house price dip between July and the end of September means the average property has been reduced in value by £2,188 over the quarter which equates to £23.28 per day.

But Harwich was seventh on the list for an increase in property value between the start of July and end of September.

Zoopla’s figures showed the average house price in Harwich is £209,669, which is an increase of £1,295 or 0.62 per cent.

Despite Harwich and nine other towns rising in the property market, Zoopla said the British housing market has fallen by £62.7 billion during the third quarter, making it now worth about £8.1 trillion.

Spokesman Lawrence Hall said: “We’ve seen a decline in house prices during the last quarter, which is potentially good news for first-time buyers.”