THE master of a post office says his wife has been left so destressed following a robbery that they will give up running it.

Mark Dove, 30, of Briardale Avenue, Dovercourt, admitted robbing the post office in Market Street, Harwich, on July 5.

He also admitted assaulting post office customer Peter Phillips, who attempted to block his escape but was struck in the face.

Dove appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court to be sentenced.

He was jailed for 20 months for the robbery and three months for the assault. The sentences will run concurrently.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

  • Jailed - Mark Dove

Nirosh Fernando told the Gazette and Standard that his wife was making tea in the back of the shop when she thought she heard a customer come inside the shop.

He said Dove went into the store and pushed his wife to the floor by the head and then ran to the till where he quickly grabbed up to £2,000, before making off.

A brave passer-by then tackled Dove to the ground outside of the shop and put him in a headlock.

A second Good Samaritan helped to restrain him on the pavement.

Mr Fernando said his wife has been left so scared by the ordeal that the couple want to give up running the post office.

“I think he deserved more than 20 months – it’s just not good enough,” he said.

“He’ll be out in ten months and walking the streets.

“It is not very nice for carrying out a terrifying robbery like this, someone should be locked up for five years."

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

  • CCTV - The robbery was caught on camera

Mr Fernando added: “This is the first time we have ever been robbed or had anything like this happen.

“We are going to give up running the post office. My wife doesn’t want to work here anymore.

“She gets very scared when someone comes in with a hoodie on or if someone comes in at night time.

“We want to sell the shop now and will give up public service.”

Mr Fernando, who was in Colchester when he found out about the incident, said his wife was left unhurt but shaken up by the robbery.

Following the raid, she was cared for by shopper Silvia Patterson.

The court made a £400 award to the members of the public who apprehended the defendant.

Mr Fernando added: “I would like to say thank you again to those who caught him – they did a great job.

“They’re our heroes.”