HOPES have been raised that a multi-million upgrade to roads between Clacton and Colchester will help save lives – but council bosses are still calling for more to be done.

Tendring Council called for action last year after six deaths in just ten months on the A133 Weeley bypass between Weeley and Little Clacton.

Funds have now been set aside for a multi-million upgrade to the road network after a review by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The partnership’s accountability board has decided to hand £2.74million from its Local Growth Fund to Essex County Council for the £5.5million project.

The project is made up from seven smaller schemes, which include introducing a new left-turn slip from the A120 spur road to the A133 at Frating, as well as a new left-turn slip from A133 east to A133 west.

But one of the other schemes is for safety improvements at Frating roundabout and Progress Way, Little Clacton, as well as other changes to junction and signage along the busy route.

Cycle paths will also be improved along the B1441 which runs alongside the A133 from Weeley to Progress Way, Little Clacton.

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock said: “These works for the A120 and A133 are long overdue and any safety improvements that makes things better as part of the project are very much welcomed.

“But we did have six deaths in just ten months on that road and we still need a thorough review of that road.”

The council passed a motion last year calling on the highways authority to look into the causes of the accidents on the A133.

A report by the Local Enterprise Partnership said the objectives of the scheme are to support future housing and employment growth by tackling congestion, journey-time and road safety.