A TAKEAWAY owner who discovered 20 binbags crawling with thousands of maggots outside his business has been told the council will not clear them up.

Kem Dagdelen made the grim discovery behind the Master Chef takeaway in St John’s, Colchester.

St Luke’s Close was teeming with a trail of maggots, which led to 20 filthy binbags dumped by fly-tippers.

Mr Dagdelen said: “When I came outside the street was absolutely covered with maggots.

“We’re talking about thousands of them.”

Mr Dagdelen spent three hours bleaching and clearing the street on Monday night and securing the takeaway, which has a “good” hygiene rating.

He has been told Colchester Council workers will not clear the mess because the road was never adopted by Essex County Council, meaning it is privately owned.

Mr Dagdelen said the council should at least visit the scene.

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