A CAREER criminal caught trashing a shop on CCTV was spared jail despite racking up 45 convictions for 115 offences.

Footage of Kenny Queen destroying stock and hurling bottles of wine at a shop worker has now been released.

The 27-year-old was out of control on a cocktail of drink and drugs having drunk two bottles of vodka and after snorting three grammes of cocaine.

The 30 second clip, of an incident which lasted for several minutes, starts at 7.42am.

Queen had entered the shop in Old Road, Clacton a couple of minutes earlier with his partner.

He begins by speaking to the shop worker and then becomes angry.

He pulls down one display on the counter, then another.

His partner tries to tell him stop but he pushes her away.

The next time he pushes the display over the counter before turning to the display of wine.

He pushes the cardboard display and bottles fall and shatter.

Queen, of Edith Road, Clacton, then grabs one by the stem and hurls it at the cashier who ducks for cover.

Queen then slips on the wine soaked floor.

He grabs two more bottles, throwing another at the shop worker before falling flat on his face.

He gets up and throws the remains of a third bottle.

Queen was sentenced for criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and breaching a previous suspended sentence at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday, May 12.

Footage shown to the court, but not released, goes on to see him throwing more bottles.

When a young child approaches the glass door to see what is happening Queen throws a bottle at the door which smashes before the child stumbles back.

Queen goes on to throw more bottles while his partner and the cashier cower for cover.

While this is happening other shoppers come into the store.

One ignores the carnage and tries to buy milk becoming frustrated when the cashier won’t get up and help her.

The police are called.

Queen was arrested by officers forced to use CS spray to subdue him about five minutes after this clip is caught.

The incident took place on March 30.

Queen also admitted breaching a suspended sentence order by not turning up to appointments.

Karl Volz, prosecuting, said: “He was smashing and throwing wine bottles from a display at the owner and his partner.

“The owner was trapped behind the counter. He was being pinned in by a barrage.”

About £6,000 damage was caused to the shop.

Among Queen’s 110 offences before the most recent sentence was a racist attack at a shop in the same road where a bottle was thrown.

Another involved him threatening police with a machete and Samurai sword after another booze and cocaine binge.

Lucy Osborne, mitigating, said: “He has no recollection of this incident whatsoever.

“He accepts entirely this is an appalling incident.

“He has expressed his upmost remorse.”

The court heard Queen has struggled since his mother was murdered and a man convicted when he was 16.

Shortly before this incident he heard his mother’s killer was applying for parole and his maternal grandfather was dying.

Judge Emma Peters said: “What I have got is a man with a horrific record.

“I sympathise immensely with the fact his mother was murdered but you have 100-plus convictions and you are 27.

“You went into that shop and completely lost it. You behaved in an extraordinary way, a complete loss of control.

“The most obvious thing to do is to send you to prison. That is what I probably should do but I see something in you which makes me think you are about to turn a corner. I am going to give you a chance.”

He was sentenced to four months in jail for criminal damage, six months for possession of the weapon, four months for public order and two months for assaulting a police officer.

The 16-month sentence was suspended for two years with Thinking Skills and building better relationship requirements.

He was ordered to complete 20 hours unpaid work for breach of the suspended sentence.