TO help you before polling day on May 7, we have asked the political parties to explain why you should vote for them at the Tendring Council elections.

Labour – Ivan Henderson

THE four years of infighting amongst Conservative councillors has resulted in three different leaders of the council.

Tendring now needs stability and strong leadership to get the best for its residents.

If the Conservatives had backed Labour’s motion in November, we might already have our streetlights on at night.

Local crime has increased and instead of accusing us of “scaremongering”, the Conservatives should admit this is linked to part-night streetlighting.

They have created a major problem and should admit they have got it wrong.

It has been Labour offering direction on jobs and regeneration after the Conservatives publicly admitted they had no plans.

As with the lights, there has been no interest from the Conservatives in spending money on regeneration until we are close to elections.

Labour is committed to putting support for local businesses and job creation at the top of Tendring Council’s agenda, where it should have been for the past four years.

Many opportunities have been lost. Dog fouling and litter are important issues for our residents and also for our tourist trade.

Labour’s calls for action have fallen on deaf ears and Labour would give council officers the resources and opportunity to start the fight back against those who spoil our streets.

I am proud to lead a united Labour group and, under my leadership, I guarantee that electing Labour candidates will give you councillors who will represent their communities, will put your needs first and who will not forget why they were elected.