MATT Carmichael has stepped down as manager of Harwich and Parkeston.

The Shrimpers boss had made it clear earlier in the season that if the side did not go up to the Thurlow Nunn League then he would resign.

The Kent Blaxill Border League premier division side finished in third place, in an automatic promotion place having applied to go up.

However, the club due to its financial situation was debating whether or not such a move was viable.

But, the decision is now moot as circumstances have conspired against the club.

Shrimpers chairman Tony Armstrong said: “The FA have made the decision for us.

“We finished in an automatic promotion place, having applied to go up, but automatic isn’t as automatic as you think.

“Because the Border League season went on three weeks longer than normal due to the bad weather the FA held their constitutional meeting and we were unable to say at that point if we were in a promotion position.

“So no provision was made for us to go up.

“We could appeal against the decison but we do not have the financial resources to go down that route at the moment.

“Matt (Carmichael) has made his position perfectly clear that if we didn’t go up he would stand down.

“I hope to keep Matt at the club in some capacity but it’s looking like we will be in the posiition of looking for a new first team manager.

“Our reserve team joint managers have turned down the opportunity to take over the first team.

“Hopefully, they will continue their good work with the reserves in division one next season.”

After a long season Carmichael was disappointed in the decision not to take the matter to appeal.

He said: “I had made my position clear.

“We have not gone up and so I am stepping down.

“I felt that we had built a side good enough to compete in the Thurlow Nunn.

“I had spoken to the players and most were willing to take on the extra travelling and demands that that would mean.

“I am disappointed that we are not going up and it’s frustrating.

“I am sure that if we had appealed then we would have won and the Thurlow Nunn would have welcomed us.

“But due to the financial constraints at the club they have decided not to appeal.

“I can understand their position.

“My decision to leave has nothing to do with the club.

“It’s just time to take a break from it or look to another challenge.”