AFTER the great success of Dragon Martial Arts' pilgrimage to China in 2016, the club were invited back as Ambassadors of Sport.

It was a great honour for them, only ever given to a few countries by the Chinese governing body of Martial Arts.

The trip commenced in Beijing, where training sessions were held in The Temple of Sun.

The group were then transferred to Wudang by a 28-hour train journey and, on arrival, the group were met by Master MingYue (16th generation Master of the Xuan Wu family, making him one of the highest level instructors in the world).

The sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by the group, being honoured as one of the first groups from outside China to be taught Daoist Wisp form for health.

At the final session, the group were awarded certificates from the Governing body of Martial Arts.

Keith Dwan, Dragon Martial Arts' senior instructor, said it was a great honour to have been invited back to China.