HARWICH and Dovercourt Golf Club held their annual presentation night.

It gave the season's winners a chance to receive their trophies in front of club members.

President Bill Carter was in attendance to present trophies and glassware to all the winners.

Some of the major trophy winners throughout the year were:

Club champion - Luke Parr; Scratch knockout winner - Tom Neale; Garland Cup - Phil Murray; Pilot Cup - Gus Hales; Johnson Cup - Kieron Brown; Strawson Cup - Colin Wallace; Carnival Cup - Graham Pomfrett; Centenary Cup - Steve Harding; Presidents Cup - Robbie Warren; Audrey Tyrrell Cup - Rose and Colin Wallace; ED Saunders Bowl - Georgina Grout and Mark Gillett; Hulton Cup and Pybus Cup - Linda and Bernie Burrows.

Carter congratulated the winners and thanked all that had participated in club competitions throughout the year.

He also congratulated competition secretary Lee Rodger for organising and running the presentation evening.