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Bentley Continental GT Convertible £141,240 - £186,375

Out of 10

Looking for the ultimate convertible car? The third generation Bentley Continental GT Convertible can't be too far from it, a seductive combination of power, style and craftsmanship. Bentley has been making iconic open tourers for around a century, some built to achieve success at Le Mans and Brooklands, others to convey their glamorous owners to the resorts of Monte Carlo and Cannes. All have been memorable but in truth, none has been truly sporting in the supercar sense. Until now perhaps.

Our Ratings

Overall 70%
Handling 7/10
Comfort 9/10
Economy 5/10
Value 5/10
Build 9/10
Equipment 8/10
Performance 8/10
Depreciation 6/10
Insurance 5/10
Space 8/10
Styling 7/10
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