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You may find that sales is a satisfying career choice for you and with a sincere desire to serve and the patience to find the job that fits best, just about anyone can succeed as a salesperson.

Unlike other jobs, generally, a person doesn't get “stuck” in sales for very long, although this rule does not apply to Newsquest! In our team of 33 sales people in North Essex, the average length of services is 9.73 years.

As a salesperson, you are a very necessary component of the modern economy and Newsquest gives you the opportunity to work with local businesses to develop their companies via strategic marketing campaigns across newspapers, online, exhibitions, events and niche publications.

When you meet with a prospect, your job is to help that person identify and solve a specific problem. You do so by understanding the steps of problem solving as well as by guiding the buyer in making intelligent decisions. There is nothing more rewarding than building relationships in your area with your local companies and helping them reach their target market through your marketing platforms.

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