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Newspaper Sales Department (Overview)

The main function of the newspaper sales department is to maximise the sale of paid-for newspapers through retailers, home-delivery networks and added value activities, including targeted sampling and in-store/in-paper promotions. The department is divided into a number of teams to encompass all of these processes.

The Promotions team - Attends a number of events across Essex to assist in raising the profile of the various newspapers, as well as maintaining the various social media accounts and sourcing prizes for in-paper competitions.

The Direct delivery team - Maintains the smooth running of the home delivery network, by supervising the many delivery agents who deliver the paper, making sure that every customer receives a copy of the paper through their door.

The Customer service team – Works hard to provide our customers with the best possible service, answering a range of queries by phone and mail.  

The Retail team Focuses primarily on product placement - ensuring newspapers are allocated in the best possible place by monitoring the availability, whilst keeping wastage down to a minimum.

The New business team - Maximises the sale of the newspaper by door-to-door canvassing, attracting new customers with incentives and offers.

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