A Match Made in Heaven, McGrigor Hall, Frinton. Until Saturday, 7.30pm and 3.30pm (Saturday). 01255 676656.

THERE are many wonderful things that have happened to Frinton Summer Theatre since Clive Brill has come on board as artistic director.

But perhaps the best of the lot is getting the chance to see a brand new play by the brilliant writer Jon Canter.

I had the treat of being one of the first people to see his sublime comedy with Richard Wilson, The Dog, two years ago and he's served up another delight with A Match Made in Heaven.

A play about a 'very' Englishman wanting to convert to Judaism, the play runs a little like an episode of the hit US comedy Seinfeld with quick scene changes, adorably funny characters and of course wonderful snappy one liners.

Personally I would have had a lot less scenes, preferring to wallow in the gorgeous dialogue exchanges, rich with humour but also warmth and humanity, but it did provide for quite a pacey production.

Acting wise, Clive, who was also in the director's chair for this one, has put together an exquisite cast led by the utterly brilliant Linal Haft as Jewish dad Harold.

I also really liked Lucas Hare's Richard whose conversion to Judaism is so British it's genius and Susie Emmett's foil to that as the slightly kooky and funny Rebecca.

Then there's Carolyn Lyster who when her character does come into her own in Act 2 is marvellous and Will Harrison-Wallace, who despite got getting the jokes is really quite lovely as Rabbi Brian.

Let's have another Canter next year please!