IF I never see a dwarf's nether regions again it will still be way too soon.

Exactly what the pint-sized performer was doing with his privates at the Princes Theatre on Saturday night cannot be repeated in a family newspaper, but it was just part of the over-the-top spectacle which is Circus of Horrors.

The show's creators have certainly never been told that less is more.

This was pedal-to-the-floor, high octane entertainment – a sort of Cabaret meets Rocky Horror Show with a non-stop heavy metal sound track.

The audience was treated to fire-eaters, astonishing contortionists, an eye-watering sword swallower and acrobatic skeletons.

At least two characters were sawn in half and killer clowns literally swarmed over the audience, which was genuinely unnerving.

Throw in a camp Count Dracula, some very scantily-clad ladies and you get an idea of what Circus of Horrors is all about.

There was meant to be a storyline about a never-ending nightmare or something but that was all but drowned out by the deafening assault on the senses.

A mobile phone going off in the audience would not have been a problem.

Some of the humour was a bit hit and miss.

Good, clean fanily fun it isn't, but rollickingly entertaining it most certainly is.