WORK to a Victorian library in Manningtree has cost £155,000, it has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information request made by the Standard has discovered Essex County Council’s building costs, which includes £4,958 on scaffolding.

Manningtree library has been masked by the scaffolding for almost two years.

It was finally removed this week but the traffic lights and work boards were only taken down on Friday November 23.

Manningtree Chamber of Trade chairwoman, Jenine Collier, said: “I’m shocked about the amount this work has cost.

“It is a lot of money, and what have they really achieved?"

The front of Manningtree Library was orginally cordoned off in December 2010 for safety reasons after large chunks of the stonework fell into the street.

To date, according to the costings given to the Standard, Essex County Council has spent £40,077.34 - this does not including the £4,958 cost of scaffolding.The amount still left to pay for work is estimated at £110,934.53, which will bring the total bill to £155,970.25. 

Essex County Council previously apologised for any inconvenience the repair work had caused.