A MOTHER brandished placards displaying damning allegations outside a church because her son is not allowed to have his first Holy Communion in her chosen parish.

Liza Moore, from the Manningtree area, has been told her seven-year-old son Harry can’t be confirmed at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic church in Fronk’s Road, Dovercourt.

She said Father Michael Stokes will not carry out the ceremony because he is not part of the parish and instead he must go to Saint Mary and Saint Michael’s in Mistley.

While Harry and his school class at St Joseph’s Primary School arrived at the church for a carol service on Thursday, December 20, Liza stood with placards for a silent protest.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Brentwood said that in order to prepare for the first communion, Harry and Liza had to take part in mass weekly in Our Lady Queen of Heaven.

Liza, who is also an animal rights campaigner, claimed the restriction made by the church could be because she is vegan - an argument which is strongly denied by the church.