OVERGROWN stinging nettles and brambles are making Lawford look like a “disgrace”and putting people in danger, according to a concerned resident.

Lesley Pallett, of The Rookery, said residents are being forced to dodge the plants in Queensway and Station Road by walking in the road and that driving in the area had become dangerous.

The 74-year-old raised the issue at the latest meeting of Lawford Parish Council saying she had reported the problems to the handymen several times in an attempt to get the hedges cut back.

She said: “I have asked for the stinging nettles to be cut five times between Queensway and Station Road.

“It is a disgrace because it is well-used by people on the estate.

“A resident whose grandaughter was stung by stinging nettles started to spray them but was told to stop because he was uninsured.

“There are stinging nettles all over the place.

“There are also brambles overhanging further along the road which the district council cut last year as a one off but they need to be done again.

“People are having to walk in the road and there are people parking at the edge of Queensway and there is a hedge at the junction which means you can’t see.

“How we have not had a serious accident there I don’t know.”

The parish council will inform their handymen about the issues.