A CAMPAIGN to cut speed limits outside schools across Tendring has been told permanent 20mph zones are not permitted on priority routes.

Tendring councillor Fred Nicholls wants a maximum 20mph limit around schools and 30mph in all towns and villages in a bid to improve road safety.

Mr Nicholls, councillor responsible for corporate enforcement, said Essex Police has openly stated “speed kills” and he called on Essex County Council to bring in the changes.

Tendring Council last week backed his motion calling for County Hall to reduce speed limits outside schools at certain times of the day.

Essex County Council said permanent 20mph speed zones are not permitted on priority routes, but a variable 20mph speed limit may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

The guidance states 20mph zones or speed limits may be considered on non-county routes in residential areas, near schools or shopping areas. A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Many schools already have reduced speed limits locally or the very effective ‘20s Plenty’ local zones with signs “We have clear, well-established policies on speed limits in line with national guidance and best practice in similar areas.”

The council runs an advisory scheme for 20mph limits outside schools, which encourages parents to commit to the limit.