A LORRY driver has hit out at parking charges in a seaside council car park and called for morning permit restrictions to be scrapped.

David Murphy, of King’s Quay Street, in Harwich, said he struggles to find a parking space on his road, so he is forced to look elsewhere to park his car.

Due to fears over vandalism he is keen to keep his car close by and in sight - so he parks in the Tendring Council-owned Wellington Road car park.

But he has now had three parking tickets despite saying the machine is refusing to take his money.

He said: “I have a Tendring Council parking permit but it doesn’t cover from 8am to 11am.

“I set my alarm for 7.45am this Saturday morning, the only day I get to have a lay-in, to put a ticket on.

“I went to the machine and my coins just fell through to the out tray and I tried so many pound coins.”

Mr Murphy appealed against the first £25 ticket.

He added: “They said they didn’t believe me.”

But the 64-year-old has hit out at the council’s parking permit rules, which sees all council tax paying households able to register for a free parking permit valid from 11am.

Mr Murphy said: “Why have a permit that allows me to park all night, but not from 8am to 11am.

“The ticket warden must come all the way to Harwich from Clacton to put a ticket on my car.

“It’s completely empty in that car park.”

Nigel Brown, Tendring Council’s communications manager, said that all the council’s car parks, except the Naze and Holland Haven, are free of charge to everyone from 6pm to 8am and for residents with their permit from 11am to 6pm.

He said: “The only period of charge for residents with a permit is from 8am to 11am and that is to prevent owners leaving cars on the site all day and night.

“The council’s aim is for people to able to use the free car parks to shop and visit areas around the district - not as a permanent location for their vehicles.”

Mr Brown added that should a pay machine be out of order people can pay by phone.