The Maybush Inn, in Great Oakley, is in it's final day of its beer festival for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The event is being held to mark the second anniversary of the opening of the voluntarily-run country pub.

The pub faced closure in 2015, but campaigners rallied round and raised £86,110 to obtain a mortgage and buy the building.

Residents received the keys in February 2016 and the pub reopened its doors.

Following the success of last year’s festival, the pub will have 18 quality ales from 12 different local and national brewers.

There will also be five real ales as the event.

On Sunday at 2pm, the Shingle Street singers are returning to the venue for another set of their wonderful harmonies.

Festival ales and ciders are all £1.50 per half pint, and a commemorative festival glass is £3.

There will also be a free buffet throughout the weekend supplied by the pub’s volunteers and free soft drinks.

For more information, visit or call 01255 880123.