CONCERNS have been raised about “toxic brown crabs” washing up on Bradfield beach.

Malcolm Cole, from Mistley, took to Facebook after hearing several brown crab shells had been found on the beach.

He issued a warning for residents to be careful following reports of toxic marine life being washed up on the Suffolk and Norfolk coast.

He said: “There have been reports of toxic marine life being washed up on our local shores.

“Dogs, who have eaten or sniffed around these, have been ill and there have been reports of a few deaths.”

In the past few months two dogs have died after eating washed-up fish along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

Dog owners have been asked by Tendring Council to take precautions after two deaths.

It has been confirmed the death of a Siberian husky who ate a shore crab at Felixstowe last month is highly likely to have been caused by paralytic shellfish poisoning.

This follows similar findings in relation to a golden retriever that died after eating fish on a beach in Norfolk on New Year’s Eve.

The Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority is co-ordinating an investigation to find the source and extent of the paralytic shellfish poisoning contamination.

Julian Gregory, chief executive, said: “I think the thing is crabs get washed up on the beach all the time – especially if the weather has been bad.

“You would not know if there is any connection or not with these crabs and the paralytic shellfish poisoning incidents in Suffolk and Norfolk.

“At the moment we have low levels of contamination in the water.

“We are not aware of any dogs being poisoned outside of Suffolk or Norfolk.”

Michael Talbot, Tendring Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Whilst walking on the coast this includes keeping pets under close control, on leads or muzzled.

“There is no evidence to show that there is an issue on Tendring’s beaches, but it is better to be safe than sorry.”