ANGRY villagers are still hoping to put the brakes on a car rally just weeks before it is due to take place.

The trailblazing Corbeau Seats Tendring motor rally is set to be held across the district on April 22.

The event, organised by Chelmsford Motor Club will be the first to make use of a new legislation which allows closed road motorsport in England.

But residents living along the route want the event cancelled and are planning the protest at Tendring Council’s full council meeting on March 27 at 7.30pm.

Mary Nolan, who lives in Colchester Road in Stones Green, said: “It’s coming up the end of my garden, 10 yards away.

“The road is closed and I have passes, but I can only get out for about half an hour two or three times during the day. How can I get out to Dovercourt and back in half an hour?

“I retired here because its a beautiful place then they come and say they are having a rally. I’m not a killjoy but these roads are unsuitable.“I’m concerned there could be crashes and there is a LPG tank on the corner.“A lot of people are going to protest at a meeting of Essex County Council on March 27 when this is going to be discussed.”

The first special stage of the race is in Tendring, from Tendring Green to Stones Green, the second is in Bradfield from Spinnels Lane to Heath Road, and the third stage is in Lawford from Grange Road to Little Bromley Road.

The fourth is in Great Bromley from Barlon Road to Stone Road, and the final stage is in Great Bentley from St Mary’s Road to Dead Lane.

Drivers will be started one at a time at about 30 second intervals and will be timed over the course.

The race will consist of three loops of five different stages totalling about 45 stage miles and 100 road link miles.

Peter Luscombe of Hilliards Road in Great Bromley, said the route is going right past his house.

“In terms of the idea, I have no problem with it,” he said.

“But at allocated times we an get in and out but otherwise you are held prisoner in your own home.“An over-riding factor for us is we have a two week old baby, Darcy, and getting a baby to sleep with all that noise.”

But Jane Marshall of Home Farm Lane in Ardleigh said “petrol heads” have already been trialling the route.

“You get cyclists down here and pony and traps - I just have this vision something awful is going to happen.”

A drive-through is expected to take place today including emergency services and council officials to check the safety of the race routes.

Tony Clements, event organiser, said: "Chelmsford Motor Club is very pleased to have received a full entry of 120 competitors for the rally.

"Many top crews from all over the country are coming to the area to take part in the first closed road stage rally in England.

"There are several national champions entered.

"I have received several unsolicited offers of help from residents to help with marshalling and contacting other residents on the route.

"They are now helping us issue resident handbooks to properties on the route explaining the access process, which only affects those on the actual closed roads.

"The vast majority of people in the area are looking forward to the rally and excitement is building as the event gets closer.

"Spectators are not allowed on the closed roads and will be directed to the designated spectator areas, details of which will be released in the next couple of weeks." and will be available on social media and the rally website'