VANDALS smashed windows and kicked out panels of a children's wooden windmill slide in a "disgusting" attack on a village play area.

Volunteers are looking at how to raise cash to install CCTV at Parkeston Welfare Park after the play equipment was targeted three times in as many days.

The windmill slide was donated to the park about a year ago and refurbished.

Bill Davidson, chairman of park committee, said: "They broke the window, then broke another window and then on Monday they kicked the side in.

"I went in last night to shut the gates and saw it all over the floor so they did it during the day.

"We have repaired it now, but I'm not happy - the slide is for under 7s and it's beautiful.

"Say it happened and 1pm and it was a nice day and a young child came up there with their parents and fell out of the opening and broke their neck?

"We have two options once the damage is done, close the park or repair it - that's the problem we've got."

The park is run by volunteers after a multi-use games area and new play equipment were installed in 2011.

Events are held each year to raise the funds needed to keep the park open.

Bill added: "We were donated the slide after the Barnardo's centre closed - we did it up and put windows in and painted it.

"But it's been damaged before, just the windows, but we put new ones in.

"I'm going to have to put wire in them.

"It beggars belief why anyone would do it, however old they are - you know right from wrong.

"We will need to put CCTV in now so I'm trying to get funding.

"It's disgusting. It's people's hard work they are ruining.

"If it happens again the slide will have to be scrapped because we can't keep on."

Bill has met with bosses from nearby factory Surya Foods, which supplied water and electricity to the site, to ask for help to install CCTV.