FRIGHTENED residents say an alleyway which has been branded a drugs den and a magnet for anti-social behaviour should be closed.

Residents say the path which connects Dudley Road and Agincourt Road in Clacton has been a problem for about two years.

Some living close to the alley have described it as like a “drug den”.

Wendy Doney, 56, has lived on the road for about two years and says the levels of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour will only get worse as it gets lighter over the summer months.

She moved to Clacton from Rochester, Kent, with her husband. She said: “I know that people are there dealing cocaine and cannabis.

“The last time I reported it was in October.

“If I’m at home and I look out of the window I see about three or four drug deals a day down the alleyway.

“It’s groups of men and women, teenagers – people of all ages so it’s not an age-specific thing.

“It’s frightening. There have been attacks on this street over the years.

“We want to get the alleyway closed – it’s just where people get their drugs and dump their rubbish.”

Mrs Doney says drug-dealing takes place throughout the day in broad daylight.

“The alleyway needs to be closed,” she added.

“There’s no need for it to be open – it’s just a place where people of all ages congregate and take part in anti-social behaviour.”

Mrs Doney, who is a foot health practitioner and reflexologist, says it has also become a magnet for fly-tipping and the council has to clear the area every week.

She said: “People dump everything, including furniture. The alleyway shouldn’t be there.

“It used to be short-cut to the factory before the estate was here.

“My husband and I are hard-working people and we moved to Clacton because we thought it was a lovely town.

“But now we’re going to try and move out of here as soon as possible.”