A COUNCIL is set to withdraw its membership of the British Parking Association in protest of the actions of a private parking company in Great Clacton.

Tendring Council will not renew its membership after concerns were raised about the practices of some of its affiliates.

Councillor Richard Everett accused Smart Parking, which runs the Ravensdale car park, off North Road, of “predatory” practices after motorists were slapped with £60 fines despite signs advertising free parking.

Small-print said a registration number had to be entered to validate the free parking, which was branded as “misleading” by critics.

Smart Parking previously said it was a member of the British Parking Association and follows its guidelines strictly.

Speaking at a council meeting, Mr Everett said: “When complained to about the actions of Smart Parking and their bully boys Debt Recovery Plus, the association did nothing.

“They acted as apologists for Smart Parking – hardly the actions of a reputable and upstanding accredited trade association who should be regulating the private parking industry.”

Councillors voted to leave the association.