CAMPAIGNING residents turned out in force to say they’ve “had enough” in the face of plans to build a new housing estate.

Residents called a public meeting in Mistley on Thursday night to discuss building 65 homes on land near Trinity Road, in Mistley.

The proposal for the homes was first submitted in 2011 and has laid dormant for years.

But the applicant has recently lodged an updated detailed design and access statement for the homes, which sparked the meeting.

More than 60 residents attended the meeting at Mistley Village Hall to raise their concerns on the application.

Martin Rayner, Mistley Parish Council chairman, said: “It was great to see so many people turning up.

“The community on the whole said ‘we’ve had enough’.

“It was overwhelmingly opposed and people were talking about issues and saying we need to object to the application.

“We were strongly opposed to the application in 2011 when it first came around.

“It is not sustainable socially and its having a major impact on the area.

“People expressed their feelings and concerns and the parish council will make its final decision.”

A total of 95 residents have opposed to the application on Tendring Council’s planning website.

Robin Butcher, of Grange Road, Lawford, said in his objection: “The area has already seen significant growth with no improvements in infrastructure or amenities.

“Trinity Road is a small road and the proposed development will put considerably more traffic on this already busy little road.

“Villages and small communities need green open spaces to maintain the vibrancy, health and character of the area.”

Other residents said in their objections the area does not have the infrastructure to cope with the development.

The applicant said in its application to Tendring Council that since the submission in 2011 it decided to reduce the number of homes from 75 to 65 so the development could be limited to the most level area of the site.

The application said: “It is concluded that this application for the erection of 65 dwellings on land off Trinity Road, Mistley, is in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan Policies and all other material considerations.

“It is therefore considered that the development should receive support from the Local Planning Authority.”