A LIFEBOAT crew rescued three people on a sinking boat in poor weather conditions.

Two lifeboats from Harwich RNLI were launched to a vessel taking on water at 6.50pm on Wednesday.

A boat with three people on board was filling with water close to Felixstowe Ferry, inside the river Deben.

Due to poor visibility outside the harbour the inshore lifeboat was launched, backed up by the weather lifeboat.

With the all weather lifeboat standing by just outside the river Deben entrance, the inshore lifeboat made its way in to the river.

The flooding boat had been assisted to safety when the lifeboat arrived and a Coastguard Rescue team was also in attendance.

After a welfare check, the inshore lifeboat was released from the scene to join the all weather lifeboat for passage back to Harwich.

A spokesman for Harwich RNLI said: "With an incident such as this, a vessel taking water, three people in potential danger, while the water is still very cold and with poor visibility and the light fading, it's one of those calls where you know time isn't on your side.

"Thankfully there was a good outcome with all persons being taken to safety."